June l They/them l 19 l art blog n stuff!


another lil Nara I drew bc I was fed up with my statistics project :///

ngl ive been getting emails saying that i been getting new followers even when I haven't posted anything in months skfsdlkfj

So I got into MP100 and Tome is immediately a fave

shoutout to every1 putting up with me being gone for weeks then coming back to dump homestuck stuff yall r the real MVPs

A thing I did for the tranzstuck tumblr!

im not too proud of it but I did have some fun practicing lights n stuff though lol. There needs to be more tegiri content out there lmao.

Anyways here's the req:


My 2nd piece for the feferi zine!!

Jsjdjskkssa to the person who rb'd that trans rights doodle and tagged it as homestuck jade ILY but thats a dood of myself 😂

Government assigned homestuck kin

My 1st piece for the feferi zine!

Another thing I did for the Transstuck tumblr, Here's the req![[IMAGE:[[25667

Trans girl Feferi Maryam I did for the Transstuck blog on tumblr!

some more rosemary doodle I did for the dailyrosey tumblr a lil while back :>

A simple rose I did for dailyrosey!

oh boy ive been gone for longer than i intended to! I'll resume spamming art soon sdjkgfdsfsdfjl

Watching detective pikachu rlly made me think abt who my partner pokemon would be!!

;;;;; I still dont rlly know how to use the queue feature so pardon if its like 29283 consecutive posts after some radio silence lol